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OSU Seminar

Motivation Seminars

Randy Blake is a professional motivational speaker who will positively influence your organization. He brings his inspirational story to every engagement with his passionate and empowering presence. He electrifies audiences both large and small from corporations and small businesses to colleges  and prisons.  Not only does he have a great smile and a way with words, he inspires people to act in ways they have never done before because of the depth of his understanding of success. When individuals encounter challenges or adversity, this knowledge produces long-lasting results.

Seminars are based on best-selling and award-winning material from "Boom: a true story of perseverance, mental toughness, and overcoming adversity."


Round 1: Courage 

Round 2: Integrity 

Round 3: Perseverance 

Round 4: Respect

Round 5: Discipline


Jessica Linihan

 Local Organizational   Development/Training Manager

If you are looking for a quality, inspiring, keynote speaker, look no further! Randy Boom Boom Blake was invited by one of our local universities to host a DEI speaking engagement on how to overcome adversity. He shared many stories, including his own, about challenges faced and how to rise above. Randy is now a father, five-time world champion martial artist, author, and speaker. Knockout your next event and take your team to the next level by booking Randy. 

DOC Goal Setting Seminar

Life Coaching

Without goals, life will just happen to you. By default, you'll continue to behave in the same manner and let society, your family, and friends determine your course in life. You surrender your authority by not making goals and allowing yourself to pursue your desires and dreams. You should live your life how you want to since it is your life.


This program is made to provide you with all the resources you need to set your own inspiring and life-fulfilling goals, make a success plan, and carry them out. Most importantly, this curriculum will teach you how to appreciate the journey and live life to the fullest. Achieving your goals isn't about really accomplishing them; rather, it's about the experience of pursuing your dreams and becoming a better version of yourself in the process.

This program is based on 4 steps required to becoming a successful Goal Setting Champion! 

  1. Knowing what you really want

  2. Believing you can achieve it

  3. Creating a concrete plan for success

  4. Staying committed and motivated

Kickbosing Seminar

Kickboxing Seminar

Bring five-time ISKA World Champion Randy "Boom Boom" Blake to your school or event and gain real knowledge from one of the best. You will receive a two-hour seminar from Randy Blake that includes:


World class kickboxing -


Offensive strategies 

Defensive Strategies


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