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“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

A true story of Perseverance, mental toughness and overcoming adversity. Available in hardcover, paperback and kindle! 

Donnie Bostwick

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Coach - Men's Basketball 


If you're a parent looking to inspire your son or daughter, or if you are a coach looking to take your team to another level then this book is a MUST! Randy is a gifted communicator and had our college athletes sitting on the end of their seats with his powerful story. This story resonates with any age, race or walk of life. It is an underdog story with a storybook ending. 

Rise Above: The Randy Blake Documentary

RISE ABOVE: The Randy Blake Documentary is a true story about a young man’s journey, rising above in the fighting arena to become, World Champion. Coming soon to Amazon Prime! 


Coming Soon!


The Elite Martial Artists in America compilation book is a very unique book focusing on life lessons, leadership, and business, all in one publication. Never before has there been a book to bring together a total life package. Our co-authors are experts in their own right based upon their personal achievements in life, leadership, and business.


You, as the reader, will discover the hidden secret that separates one martial artist from another as they share the secrets to life, secrets  to leadership, and secrets to business. This is truly a must-have book for anyone.

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